Microsoft BASIC 80 non-disclosure agreement

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Tue May 5 10:29:53 1998

Here's an interesting artifact. I got the reference manual for Microsoft
BASIC-80 (version 5) over the weekend and it still had inside the original
non-disclosure registration card that I guess one was compelled to sign
and send in before they could use MS BASIC. This book was distributed
with some morrow system as the card is addressed to Morrow Designs
Software License Department. It reads:

"The party below agrees that it is receiving a copy of MICROSOFT DISK
BASIC or FORTRAN for use on a single computer only, as designated on this
registration form. The pary agrees that all copies of MICROSOFT DISK
BASIC and FORTRAN are owned by MICROSOFT, that all copies will be strictly
safeguarded against disclosure to or use by persons not authorized by
MICROSOFT to use MICROSOFT DISK BASIC or FORTRAN, and that the location of
all copies will be reported to MICROSOFT at MICROSOFT's request. The
party may make up to two additional copies only, for back-up purposes.
The party agrees that unauthorized copying or disclosure will cause great
damage to MICROSOFT."


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