RSX-11 Disk Images anyone?

From: James Willing <>
Date: Tue May 5 14:36:45 1998

On Tue, 5 May 1998, Seth J. Morabito wrote:

> > Last time I communicated with Mr. Supnik, he indicated that the reason
> > that the RSTS (and I suppose RSX) software is not with the rest of the
> > emulator set is because no one has yet come up with an image for a
> > (disk) device that is supported by the emulator.
> Ah, so what I'm looking for then is either a RK05, RL01/02, RP04/05/06/07,
> or RX01 images. How big were RSX and/or RSTS? Did they come on RX01
> media for installation? I imagine it would take quite a few disks at
> only 256KB each :/ On the other hand, you could then play with making
> clean installs from the "original" media.

Hmmm... been WAY too long for me to remember that one exactly, although
for comparison I can state that the Micro-RSTS distribution
(non-SYSGENable) comes on 10 RX-50 diskettes.

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