Microsoft BASIC 80 non-disclosure agreement

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Tue May 5 19:45:55 1998

>> Well, this kind of comes from a rant of mine... ya see, on my
computer, I
>> origionally had an AMD InterWave chip on my sound card, but found
that it
>> was STB made. It was made in Dec. 1996. I called about it in Dec.
>> and NO ONE at their technical support knew ANYTHING about it. And
that's a
>> year after it was made!!!
>Don't get me started on Tech Support, or the lack of it.
>When I call Tech Support I will have made some attempts to check the
>obvious, gather evidence, and solve the problem. In particular :
>I'll have checked the 'bleeding obvious' - that it's plugged in, that I

>I'll have read all available documentation, including, but not limited
>the user manual, tech/service manual (if available), schematics, data
>sheets on the chips, command reference, processor instruction set,
>language standards, etc as appropriate.
>I'll be sitting in front of my machine with a 'scope, logic analyser,
>software debugger, etc at the ready
>Alas this seems to mean that I know more about the product than the
>company that sold it to me. Tech support seems to consist of either
>telling me to check I've inserted the disk correctly or reading the
>manual to me very, very slowly (I am not kidding...). I am fed up with
You've got to be gentle w/tech support. For one thing, they're
nothing more than figureheads for the company, also, they are
treated fairly poorly, according to PC World. Most have no desire
to spend 8 hours reading assembly listings. There's just no
encouragement, like with teachers. In the end, they just get tired.
>> Anyway, lets call, e-mail, fax, walk up and talk to, etc. people
>> various companies and talk about tech support, etc. for old OLD
>> (Like calling up IBM... "Hello, I've got this 8" disk here, it was
new in
>> package, and it was not free of mechanical errors. I want my money
>IBM are better than most, at least for providing parts/manuals. They
>claim that a machine never existed (IBM UK told be there was 'no such
>thing as a PC-jr'), but they can often find all sorts of things given a
>part number or forms number.
>> Or saying that we found a bug in the 4K MS tape basic, etc. ;-)
>Sending in bug reports (and even better, fixes) for ancient products is
>great fun :-).
Have you ever gotten a response?


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