Microsoft BASIC 80 non-disclosure agreement

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Tue May 5 21:55:35 1998

On Tue, 5 May 1998, Tim Shoppa wrote:

> > >> The party agrees that unauthorized copying or disclosure will cause great
> > >> damage to MICROSOFT."
> > >
> > >Hey! Let's all start copying Basic 80! Or other Microsoft stuff!
> > >Perhaps we can cause great damage to Microsoft!
> > >
> > >Wait a bit... somehow I don't think we'll do any damage unless we
> > >persuade people to buy our copies in preference to the originals.
> >
> > Oh? You know somewhere you can buy the originals?
> I've found some original sealed Microsoft CP/M software by frequenting
> comp.os.cpm. None of the registration cards that I've sent in during
> the past couple years have come back returned from any of Microsoft's
> old Redmond/Seattle addresses, so I assume they found their way to
> the right place (though I've never heard anything back from any bug
> reports on CP/M products.)

Speaking of sealed originals, I found some original still shrink-wrapped
Osborne software today, with the original Byte Shop price stickers on them
no less. They were basically some accounting packages by a company called
Computronic that made software for the gamut of the machines of the era
(TRS-80, Apple, Atari, Commodore, Xeroex, Osborne, Kaypro...that was the
list of machines on the package). I also got a shrink-wrapped copy of
WordStar circa 1981, a shrink-wrapped copy of Microsoft Multi-Tool Budget
and a shrinkwrapped copy of Desktop Plan II by Visicorp. Vintage
shrink-wrapped software is still out there, you just gotta look for it.

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