Support for obsolete products

From: Jeff Kaneko <>
Date: Wed May 6 10:55:11 1998

You know, this idea makes sense. But have a feeling that most
product managers (the guys most in the position to make these
decisions) are so far removed from the product, so intimidated by
the almighty 'Company Policy (tm)', (not to mention hair being way,
way too pointy) that even this will not get consideration.

Just my $0.02

> I understand the economic logic of no longer supporting products
> that aren't being sold (aren't making money) and that are deemed
> obsolete by being two generations behind today's products. But
> at that point, the company has decided that any ill will caused
> by this decision isn't worth the cost or aggravation of continued
> support. Certainly some companies turn over continued support
> to third parties - when the third party thinks there's some money
> in it. But what about a non-profit organization for products that
> absolutely no one wants to support? Just send them the docs
> and let them archive them. Companies donate old office equipment
> to good causes, why not old docs or source code?
> - John
> Jefferson Computer Museum <>
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