Support for obsolete products

From: John Foust <>
Date: Thu May 7 10:35:36 1998

"Jeff Kaneko" <>
>You know, this idea makes sense. But have a feeling that most
>product managers (the guys most in the position to make these
>decisions) are so far removed from the product, so intimidated by
>the almighty 'Company Policy (tm)', (not to mention hair being way,
>way too pointy) that even this will not get consideration.

Tony Duell <> wrote:
>Well, I'm sure we all think that would be a Good Thing, but just try
>convincing companies of that.

OK, help me brainstorm arguments to persuade companies to release
obsolete information. Certainly pointy-haired managers (does the
cartoon "Dilbert" cross the pond?) will opt for the simple safe
solution of "don't let anything out of the office, or out of our
control". And there's the question of money to be made. As soon
as someone seems interested in old technology, they'll believe
there's still some money to be made. Then there's the question
of the cost and trouble of drafting or approving any legal document
to make the transaction official. Why spend money on giving away

- John
Jefferson Computer Museum <>
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