the new Apple iMac (last words?)

From: Larry Groebe <>
Date: Thu May 7 19:24:31 1998

>If this new Mac has no removeable media, what happens when the hard
>drive breaks? How do you re-install the OS?

No doubt you'll re-install the OS from the built-in CD-ROM drive, as all
Apple machines already do now.

>Good plan, system administrators will love this machine. No doubt
>corporate types will beat down Apple's door to buy it.

Quite clearly, this machine is not designed as a Corporate machine. One
look at the physical design alone is enough to establish that this is for
home use. Apple continues to sell quite traditionally designed machines
for THAT market segment.

And now that we've all hashed and re-hashed the merits of this day-old 
computer, can we return to discussing our 10-year old classics? Let's all 
agree to meet and re-evaluate the iMac in 2008.
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