the new Apple iMac

From: Kai Kaltenbach <>
Date: Thu May 7 19:30:50 1998

I don't know if I'd characterize the Sony 400K as "totally blameless", since
the floppy drives in all of my other old systems (both 5.25" and 3.5") have
about a 5% dead-on-acquire rate, while the Mac 128s I find are maybe 75% in
the dead floppy department. The 800K drives were much more reliable. The
big 400K chassis has lots of lubricant on it which after 10 years or so
turns into a rubber cement consistency and gums up the works. There's
nothing to do but to hit the whole thing with TV Tuner cleaner and re-lube
it. Pain in the butt, if you ask me.


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At 16:15 5/7/98 -0700, Kai wrote:
>One word: "Twiggy". (Lisa 1 floppy)

Agreed, but: The Twiggy drive was superseded by the Sony 400K 3.5, which
worked fine in the Lisa, went on to work fine in the Mac 128, and has been
the progenitor of a line of totally blameless drives. If Steve is tarring
the 3.5 with the brush of the Twiggy, he's doing it in the teeth of
evidence that he's thoroughly familiar with.

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