the new Apple iMac

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Thu May 7 21:20:09 1998

<Actually, if I were to design a computer, I would consider not
<including a floppy drive, or at least making it so that it doesn't
<depend on it.

I have six VAX computers and NONE have floppies. Why, becuase even
1.44mb floppies make sense in that environment. Since they have tapes
and are networked together floppy is of little use.

With the size of applications and all a writeable CDrom or a ZIP disk
makes more sense than floppy.

Further, I'm working on a z280 design and am seriously considering
no floppy. Why? Eats power and space for intermittent use at best.
I'd rather use a utility I wrote years ago to transfer files via
serial port (back when no two machines had the same format or size
floppy). I even intend to put the whole OS and then some in EEprom
as it's cheaper and faster that floppy or hard disk.

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