Avices on reviving any H/Z-88/89/90 and H/Z-19 series.

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Date: Thu May 7 18:04:44 1998

Hi guys!

Back in mid '90 and '91 I was assigned to repair these Z-19
terminals as job experience:

What I discovered so far:

Solder joints breakages or bad solder joints (you can't tell by
looking!). Found on the little PCB with tall, large caps with
rectifiers, vidoe board for the HV and yoke, video. I think the
regulation is everywhere else even on the logic board!

Rarely I see bad semiconductors on that video board besides few logic
boards blown byself from age or lightening strike (still easily
repairable!). Some did had heat problems.

The top shell is hinged from back seam. On both sides, there is a
notched moveable spring loaded plates, you can see the edge with a
space in it, move it back or towards you as you're using that machine
while pulling up the case.

Jason D.
email: jpero_at_cgo.wave.ca
Pero, Jason D.
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