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Date: Fri May 8 05:46:04 1998

> > (even at that price, I
> > guess they're still cheaper than a new laptop, which is guaranteed to
> > lose 50% of its value in less than a year).
> Anybody looking at computers as a financial investment is in for a
> rude shock!
> To quote one of my favorite .sig lines - "Don't think of it as a new
> computer. Think of it as obsolete-ready!"

Well said! Still, those some guys are still trying to claw most of
theirs back by asking too much. Growl. These days, I try to choose
carefully and spend bit more to assure long term and greater
safisation. Ditto to desktops and portables. Active displays cost
is getting less moot because getting better and increasing in

BTW that iMac, That is indeed markings of a Steve Jobs's mistake that
has no external SCSI port on it even no PCMCIA slots. Another
instant classic. BTW, b/w or color display??? It did not say so in
that apple's website and no detailed specs. Also iMac is supposed to
give options for either TP or coax and PCMCIA modem.
Look, there is a funny hole highlighted with electric blue ring is
bass port. Wrong place. Supposed to throw back at wall or cast out
into room. I have a 13" tv with that little speaker on left side, I
taped a crude cardboard scoop to reflect sound towards viewers, what
a difference even to deaf and hearing-impaired like me.
One small item that is finally there in low-cost machine is cache.
small kudos.

 Jason D.

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