Proposal: "Legacy" Open Products Partition

From: Hotze <>
Date: Sat May 9 22:25:44 1998

>> Yes, we should have "levels" of experience. So that a Level 1 job could
>Does this need to be done formally? I mean, when, for example, I bought
>the service manual for my monitor, or the IBM techrefs, nobody bothered
>to check I knew what I was doing with them. They just took my payment and
>sent the manual.

Not really formally, perhaps semi-formally. All pages would be rated, but
we're not going to have an exam or anything.
>While we need to be not responsible for how the information is used, I
>think that should be the end of it.

Yes, but just to give an aprox. guide. For instance, if someone wants to
fix their old mono monitor, and they have a Level 2 hardware experience,
they wouldn't want to read the Level 5 document, especially if they're
busy, and don't want to spend too much time. It could also be used to give
people a basic feeling of what they can-and cannot do.

>Perhaps you could enlighten me. I know of only one way to fix a PCB -
>look for obvious failures/shorts, power it up and start tracing signals
>with a logic analyser. Is that the easy way or the hard way, and what is
>the other way.

That's the hard way. There are 2 easy ways that I know of: 1) Take it to a
shop or 2) Get a new one.

Tim D. Hotze
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