Id on Xerox workstation

From: Hans B Pufal <>
Date: Sun May 10 23:51:49 1998

Tony Duell wrote:

> > It is made up of 4 tall boards wth part numbers like
> > 140K0xxxx where xxxx are digits.
> >
> > Can anyone id this system?
> Yes, it sounds a little like a Xerox Daybreak, I think. I found one at a
> radio rally earlier this year for the very low price of \pounds 10.00, so
> it's now sitting alongside me.
> There are 5 slots in the Daybreak, although 1 or 2 may be empty. From the
> left, looking from the rear, you find
> 1 - Display control and memory
> 2 - Memory expansion
> 3 - Mesa Processor board (Bit slice processor using 2901's)
> 4 - I/O, boot procesor (80186)
> 5 - Option I/O. I've got a laser printer card in mine.
> If it's any help I've pulled the processor from slot 3 of mine, and it's
> a 140K05571. I can pull the other boards if you like and check the part
> numbers

I should have posted the part numbers in the original mesage, they are
printed on the spine of the cards and easily readable. Wa have 4 cards
marked from left to right looking from the back of the unit:
  140K00440 140K01000 140K005570 140K05560

So our processor board is (slightly) different and I do not recall there
being room for a fifth card.
> Mine has a 5.25" drive in separate case on top. No reason why a 3.5"
> drive couldn't be used instead, of course (although this may not be an
> 'official' modificiation.

Indeed, the box is certainly large enough for a 5.25" unit.

So waht was the Daybreak, was it one of the internal research Xerox

- Hans
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