More PDP-11 tricks... (How many amps did you just say?)

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <>
Date: Mon May 11 08:36:31 1998

I've managed to blow some obscure breaker somewhere, so now the CD head
gets to decide if I get to haul my PDP-11 elsewhere. I'm not allowed to turn
it on for the rest of the week, or until I find out how many amps it pulls,
pray to the goddess Apthrodite, offer burnt 95 CDs, etc...
Anyway, I've produced the following:

        I have 2 BA-11 boxes plugged into a 861C power controller,
        a RA81, a RA92, and a 9-track drive rated at 2 amps.
        Also, a TU58.

How many can this pull running, and how much does that *%%%#& RA81 pull when
Note that the 2 BA boxes are on the 861C, everything else is in the wall.
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