PLease ID CD-ROM unit

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Mon May 11 13:55:13 1998

I have a CD-Rom unit here at my school that needs to be identified.
We don't know where we got it, and have no docs. All we have is the
external box, about 6" X 15" X 2". It is labelled "DATEXT CD-ROM DRIVE
UNIT", and on the back says "MODEL DTX-10" and was made April 1986. It
has a centronics plug on the back. The card that came with it has a
single female socket,37 pin. It is labelled CD-IFI3, and has an NEC
D8255AC-5 chip on it. It is a standard 8-bit ISA. Could someone tell
me how useful this thing is, what drivers I need, background on it, etc?

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