Help Needed: Kaypro 10 HDD Problems

From: Keith Whitehead <>
Date: Mon May 11 23:20:23 1998

>The drive is a Tandon TM502 (10MB, MFM, 5 1/4" platters). If the drive
>cannot be salvaged, I
>would appreciate hearing from anyone who has a replacement drive, or knows
>of a source for same.
>I would like to keep the same make and model drive if possible, but an
>equivalent model would be
>fine too (as I'm sure Non Linear Systems used more than one make of drive
>in the Kaypro's).
>Any help is much appreciated!
>Grant Zozman

Ok, couple of Kaypro 10 did the same...just up and died, What
may have happened is that the faulty sector allocation table is full, this
will not allow the system to map out any extra errors. However all is not
lost ANY 10-20 meg MFM drive will do, however you will only be able to
access 10 meg of the drive (the parameters are in the boot roms).

Hope that helps

Oh BTW there is a new set of roms available (can't remember where) that
will allow you to get at more of the HD (possiblly in partitions)


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