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From: Chris Halarewich <chrish_at_knet.kootenay.net>
Date: Tue May 12 02:49:56 1998

     My name is Chris Halarewich and I live i Castlegar, BC, Canada (about
3 hours away from spokane wash about an hour away from the us/canada border.

At 04:50 PM 11/05/98 -0700, you wrote:
>There are at least a half-dozen or so active "Pacific Northwesterners"
>on the list, located from Portland, OR up to Victoria/Vancouver B.C.
>I'm in Seattle, and I'll let the others respond if they so desire. So,
>you aren't alone, and there may be even more "lurking" out there.
>D. Peschel wrote:
>> ... and I wanted to introduce myself.
>> I'm a student at the University of Washington; I subscribed to the list in
>> hopes that there would be some local members. So far, I'm not sure.
Some of
>> your names are familiar from alt.folklore.computers but many are new.
>> I'm a computer-science major. Most CS majors here don't seem to be very
>> interested in old machines, unfortunately. They must be dazzled by all the
>> Windows NT machines we have (which were given to us by Intel and don't work
>> very well, thanks to overstressed/inept/inconstant administration).
>> I'll probably read more than I post -- I don't have detailed experience
>> the popular machines, because I don't _have_ the popular machines,
because I
>> live in a dorm room. But I do have experience with the Apple ][, and a
>> which I'm resurrecting (thanks to Don Maslin and his awe-inspiring
>> of CP/M disks) and some HP calculators and some emulators on my Macintosh.
>> By "popular" I mean "popular with the readers of this list," not
"popular with
>> people in general."
>> So... who's from Washington? And BTW, is there a working Web
>> for this group? I can't seem to connect to the bothell machine, even
>> it's part of my own school.
>> Thanks,
>> -- Derek
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