More Kaypro problems

From: Kirk Scott <>
Date: Tue May 12 06:25:28 1998

Re: More Kaypro problems

On Mon, 11 May 1998, Cliff Boyer wrote:

> Hello,
> My my name is Cliff Boyer and I too have a Kaypro 10 problem.

Sounds a little like a 12-Step meeting....hello, my name is Kirk and I have a Xerox 16/8 problem..:-)

I'm having the same sort of problem with my Xerox, with a Shugart 512 10MB HDD. I can put the drive on another MFM controller and it will initialize and format just fine with no errors, but on the WD controller in the Xerox under CPM it takes hours and hours to initialize and verify...then when I try to make partititons, CPM reports an error, that there is data on the disk, and dumps me back to the initialization routine. Could this possibly be the controller and is there any alternative to spending $75.00 to get another one?

Kirk Scott
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