UNIVAC Core Memory Cards (Screens) Available

From: Foster W. Cline, M.D. <drfcline_at_netw.com>
Date: Tue May 12 11:29:59 1998

Re: Loren's Everly's question on May 11th concerning IBM 1500.

About 20 years ago, against my wife's admonitions, I bought an old IBM
1500. I paid a bunch of kids to open core memory modules so that I could
find and mount a core board and a controller card on the wall. I have a
friend, Jack Harper, on the list who asked for a core card, and said he
thought there might be others of you interested in this unique piece of
history. I have pictures of them on my website at:


For those of you interested have a look, and contact me if you wish.

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