strange z-80 / CP/M box

From: K.S. <>
Date: Tue May 12 14:22:17 1998

Our student IEEE group saved the following from a dumpster.
a Paradynamics PRONTO computer. This thing is the size of
a small beige filing cabinet and holds 2 8 inch drives.

the guy we got it from said it had 48K of RAM and 2 10 Meg
hard drives. It has a sticker for a place called Balcones
Computers in Austin which is where this probably came from.

a quick check showed that it has a 1200 baud hayes s-100
buss modem in it and we have 1 vt-100 compatible terminal
for it.

does anyone remember seeing one of these beasts? a lot of the
disks have suffered bit rot, but I think we do have 1 working
boot disk.

E-MAIL privately (if you think this is off topic) becase I
need to know how long to leave the bootdisk in. Is it
necessary ie: is it like DOS but everything is an external
command and requires the floppy.

thx in advane.

I think we also acquired an IBM 5100.
This animal was without docs, but it boots to basic and has
a small mono screen and twin 8 inch drives. All the logic is
in one housing with the screen. I know someone was asking
around about such a computer recently.
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