Amiga 600HD questions

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Tue May 12 20:49:08 1998

Would you allow CP/M? BOCHS Unix emulator? Macintosh?

I will say only one thing: don't try to go back - it will never be
the same, and you will only be disappointed (yes, I know you're only
kidding). I don't really use USENET because it's a pain...

>Hell, I was on the Usenet when it was just a partial feed from a
>friend at Cal Tech to my little TRS-80 Model 16 two miles away
>with its 15-Meg HD that could handle a month's worth of my partial
>feed at a time (a full feed would have choked it in less than a
>week -- if I could handle the bandwidth) at 1200 baud back in the
>stone age (1986-7), when bang-path email could take a week or more
>to turn around. Usenet was a bit surreal in those days of
>_severely_ asynchronous communication (not the modems, just the
>messages crossing paths). I loved it, and if the over-advertised
>Internet keeps screwing up, 56Kbps modems (and 10-321 or whatever
>the latest long distance cheap service is) would let us build a
>better new Usenet than there used to be. And anybody who gave
>the phone numbers to AOL, Hotmail, any such scum, or ever allowed
>a binary file that wasn't uuencoded (and useful -- no hundred-part
>fuzzy porn need apply) to go through would be flogged from all of
>the L.sys or Systems files forever. Oh yeah, this would of course
>be *nix based (Unix, Linux, Sunos, etc.) as the gods meant it to
>be -- PCs are welcome only as terminal emulators if they're
>hosting parasites such as Windows or MS-DOS.
>Ward Griffiths
>They say that politics makes strange bedfellows.
>Of course, the main reason they cuddle up is to screw somebody else.
> Michael Flynn, _Rogue Star_

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