Another EBay absurdity

From: Doug Yowza <>
Date: Wed May 13 03:28:50 1998

On Tue, 12 May 1998, The Adept wrote:

> I almost choked on my Leinenkugel's when I saw the current bid on the
> following:

What's a Leinenkugel, and how much will you sell it to me for?

> I'll save the surprise for you who want to check it out (it's a
> Commodore Educator 64)

Is this the Commie holy grail or something? I've never seen an old
Commodore go for over $500 before. The collective mind of the web tells
me that Commodore used to take refurb'd C64 guts, stick them in spare PET
boxes that were sitting around, and sell them to schools cheaply. I'd
rather have an eMate.

-- Doug
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