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Date: Wed May 13 08:24:09 1998

Tony Duell wrote:

> I'm pretty sure the teletype is a passive device and expects the other
> device to source the loop current.
> 5V should be enough for the transmitter loop (which is just switch
> contacts), but I doubt if it would be enough for the receiver loop (more
> like 12V or more here)

I used a TTY ASR-33 as a printer for my PET years ago. My memory is
that if I left the receiver open circuit, i yammered away printing
nulls; if I shorted out the loop it didn't. I interfaced it using one
transistor - no power supply was necessary.

OUT b |/c
-------/\/\/\/---------| NPN TTY

Note: I never interfaced the TTY transmitter - not even for reading
paper tape (don't know why not)

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