Help Needed: Kaypro 10 HDD Problems

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Wed May 13 08:58:17 1998

<c800:5) to make sure it contains a jmp instruction. Other locations
<that I've seen include c800:6 and cc00:5.

In an earlier mail the controller was moted as a WD1002HDO in a kaypro.
That tells me mountains, one there is no ISA, NOT PC. The HDO is a host
interface essentailly a gerneral interface like a PIO chip. Also the
wd1002HDO has no boot or bios roms. The K10 is a z80 machine so c800:5
is not relevent as it's 16bit address.

using VAX/VMS notation:

$user1:> set device/flame_thrower/temp=plasma

Most non-PC systems are _not_ PCs and applying PC part numbers, addresses
methods, installation tools, device notation, buses, and dos operating
system to the non PC results in confusion if not outright error.

$user1:> set device/noflame

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