3.5" Drive for Apple ???

From: David Williams <dlw_at_trailingedge.com>
Date: Wed May 13 04:04:32 1998

Early versions of the Apple //c didn't have the support for 3.5"
drives. Mine is like that. You can check which version of the //c
you have by going into Applesoft and doing a PRINT PEEK(64447). If
it returns 255 then you have an original //c. The tech ref shows 3
basic versions and their ID bytes as follows:

Original //c : ID Byte = 255

UniDisk //c : ID Byte = 0
        Added 3.5" support
        Increased ROM to 256K
        Some new serial port commands
        New monitor commands
        Built-in diagnostics
        Improved interrupt handler & external drive startup

Memory Expansion //c : ID Byte = 3
        Added internal memory expansion connector
        Change RAM ICs
        Moved mouse from slot 4 to slot 7
        New version of Protocol Converter called SmartPort

Hope that helps.

On 13 May 98 at 6:41, Doug Spence wrote:
> It physically plugs into my Apple //c, but I can't get the machine
> to recognize it. The drive makes a noise when I power up the
> computer, but that's all. Attempts to access S6, D2 or any other
> slot and drive combination doesn't get anywhere.

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