Teaching Students Computers... (Semi-OT)

From: Hotze <photze_at_batelco.com.bh>
Date: Wed May 13 11:06:26 1998

>Elementary school, how to learn. (language, reading, arithmetic)

Yes, but computers are an important part of that. They need to know how to
use them at an early age; even if it's not in school.
>Intermeadiate school, how to find answers to questions and communicate

I say this goes to Elementary. In Jr. High, where I am now, most people are
either lazy, "special-need" or both. On top of that, they've got SEVERE
hormonal problems... it's important to know that you can't count on anyone
to learn anything in perticular, except for stuff pertaining to... anyway, I
think that here's a good time to give students a choice to know what they're
going to do. I, for instance, want to specilize in Computers. Spending
time learning "Pre-Algebra" (Just spent 2 class periods making a protractor
accurate to 90' from a piece of paper.) isn't helpful, at least not that
much, espcecially when I could cover the entire book in a week or two. (But
my math teacher wants it "BIGGER, BETTER, NICER, NEATER." And I was done in
5 mins. out of 100!!!!)
>High school, take the first two to the next levels and add skills needed
>to find paying work.

I say that some students should be given the oppertunity to do this in Jr.
High. Not everyone, but some people. After all, by this time, you know if
you're not going to be a chemist, programmer, or anything.
>Computers are a part of life and M$ stuff is unfortunatly reality we live
>with every day. The unfortunate part is I meet kids at the grocer that
>play doom, surf the net and can't count change.

Ease of use. It happens. ;-) But seriously, the math program here doesn't
EVER cover basic math, just expects you to learn it. Now, I was fortunate,
and learned how to do that before moving here.
    -Tim D. Hotze
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