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From: Hotze <photze_at_batelco.com.bh>
Date: Wed May 13 12:34:58 1998

>Hmmmm....7th grade. I got my Atari 800xl in seventh grade. Not a single

I built my own computer in 7th grade. Of corse, that was a PC...
>computer in my school, and that was even in a rather large city
>(Pasadena). We found a lot of other things to occupy us, though, like
>finding creative ways to get over (and under) the 8 foot chain-link fence
>around the school and over to taco bell or the Pac Man arcade. I spent all

Early 80's? My art teacher says that lots of high school students were
>of my "home" time drinking Tang, programming my Ataris, and listening to
>Black Sabbath. Funny thing is I got all A's and B's in my classes, with an

Same here.
>attendance ratio of about 2/3 and a homework ratio of about 1/4. Does that

I wish I could do that!!!! I spend around 1/3-1/6 of my time working, the
rest talking. I wish that I could do that little homework!!! Honestly,
homework's the worst thing. If it were just "go to school, come home live
your life" it would be so cool!!!
>say anything about the quality of California's public education? I can
>only imagine that it's even better now....

Yep. Now, the thing is that with my science fair project, none of the
judges understood what I was talking about (Linux Vs. Windows), so a rather
stupid project (bacteria growing in hot water) won. Anyone else have
problems like this in Science Fair(s)??? It was way to technical, even
though it was scaled down A LOT. I couldn't say what I wanted to say so
that these people could still understand it...

Tim D. Hotze
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