HP85A Stuff

From: Greg Troutman <mor_at_crl.com>
Date: Wed May 13 12:13:08 1998

I spent a little more time on this guy and have finally gotten the tape
drive to work--sorta. The rubbery roller in the center to the left of
the head is seriously corroded away (as if some anti-rubber solvent or
high heat came in contact with it) which makes it not work too well.
Cleaning it up as best I could, and then doing multiple retries, getting
frequent READ or SEARCH errors, have allowed me to store and retrieve
some simple programs. I guess I'll be opening this up and trying to
replace that.

Now, questions: I have a ROM Drawer filled with six option ROMS like
Assembler, Input/Output, Mass Storage, etc. First, how do I implement
the physical link to the I/O devices? There are zero physical port
connections on this box...(?) Second, how do I access the ROM code from
the BASIC prompt? I'm sure there's a lot of tricky stuff involved,
making the manuals indispensible, but since I don't have them, any quick
tips would be appreciated.

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