PLease ID CD-ROM unit

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Wed May 13 13:28:00 1998

OK, the other chips are:
Hitachi HD74LS32P

TI J549X SN74LS541N

The card has a weird logo: A large S, progressively narrowing toward
the top.

Could someone tell me about the actual drive?
>They're probably TTL buffers/address decoding logic. Can you post the
>numbers (which probably start 74LS) and we'll try to identify them and
>guess likely functions.
>My guess is that this is some kind of custom parallel interface. Put
>8255 into Mode 2 and you've got a bidirectional data path on port A and
>control lines on the other 2 ports. That's the most likely setup
>(although it might be something totally different, like using one port
>for input and another for output).

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