terminal keyboards needed

From: Bill/Carolyn Pechter <pechter_at_shell.monmouth.com>
Date: Wed May 13 17:32:48 1998

> I just shipped the VT 100 and VT 220 that I had without keyboards. I
> gave them away for the shipping and a few people in the list had told me
> that they have extra keyboards for sale/trade/free (I don't remember)
> but the newe owner in New Hamster is looking for a keyboard for each one
> and if those people that have them could write me back (direct email) I
> can relay the message to him.
> Thanks guys and gals.
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In case anyone else on the list is watching it's cleaning time

Got both the VT100 keyboard and a VT220 keyboard (I believe I've got
a couple of both... I know I've got about three of the VT220's
and at least a couple of the VT100's. I also have a VT300 (working --
I think) and a couple of VT100's I'd part with for a couple of bucks.

I also have a Panasonic Senior Partner (Compaq clone with built in
thermal printer), an XT 8mhz clone with EGA and EGA Monitor
and some various boards including 8 bit WD ethernet...

ex-DEC Field Service and VT100 fixer
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