From: Brett Wish <>
Date: Wed May 13 21:26:38 1998

> Personally, I believe the "computer literacy in schools is everything"
> movement is a result of inept teachers and a haywire NEA.


> students should be introduced to computers (read: word
> processors/calculators) until the first year of high school after
> mastering basic reading, comprehension, writing and math skills.

The problem with introducing elementary and middle school kids to
computers so early is that they either a) know more than the lab admin, or
b) aren't allowed to use them in any constructive way. I'm only in the
tenth grade, but I've already seen seven new labs installed in area schools.
The school districts almost ALWAYS spend WAY too much on new computers,
mainly from the worst vendors, only to have to replace them when the
warranty runs out (with very little usage, BTW). The computers simply
aren't used until high school, when word processing/database, programming,
and other such courses are offered. Anything before is mainly a waste of

What about the 'net? I don't understand why people think that the
internet is such a great "tool" that will help schools. Just do a search
for "barbie" on Yahoo. Or, for that matter, try "video" or something
general. Especially considering that most schools don't use any
Internet blocking software..

It takes most people a long time to get used to using search engines in such a
way to get what they want. Most people in my school don't have any idea how to
use the 'net, and could care less. That is the general attitude at most
schools that I have been to.

In other words, most of the money spent on computer equipment is a waste.
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