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From: Huw Davies <>
Date: Thu May 14 02:31:00 1998

At 12:58 AM 14-05-98 -0400, William Donzelli wrote:

>> That is good news (for us). Do you have contact details for anyone who
>> has one?
>The DEC Australia collection probably has one (but they have damn near one
>of EVERYTHING DEC made!).

If this is discussing a PDP-9 then yes, there is at least one in the
collection - the first Digital box purchased by La Trobe in about 1967.
There's an interesting story behind this system:

In about 1968 the -9 was stored in a basement area which was unfortunately
flooded when some high-pressure water pipes ruptured. My current boss (who
was Computer Centre Manager at the time) along with the technical officer
moved the -9 out onto a lawn and it was disassembled. The parts were then
washed and dried in front of radial heaters (one of which is still in use
in my bosses office!). The -9 was reassembled but three flip chip modules
were found spare! The system ran (without them) for about 10 years before
being replaced with a PDP-15, DECsystem-10 and Vaxes of various types. It
was decommissioned and moved to the DEA museum collection.

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