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From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Thu May 14 07:44:03 1998

Despite my former comments I'd say computers do have a place in education
as do television.

I went through most of school as an avid non-writer, managed good grades
despite it even in english so long as writing was not required. It was
word processing or actually a simple editor and printer that open the door
to writing, somehow made it less painful. It didn't help my bizzare
grammer or spelling but at least I wrote. The catalyst was writing code
and having to document it. Did computers help, yes. It wasn't pacman
or clicking icons just using the tool for what it can do best. What was
best was simply allowing me to bang down words and then peice them
together in some sensible way.

As to what computer to use, old! why old, no matter what they have
new now it will be old it a few years when they have to apply it. It's
better they understand so that the knowledge can be applied rather than
keystrokes. Students would do better to learn VI and ED than the latest
version of QARK or Word.

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