North Star Horizon

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Thu May 14 15:46:42 1998

<> It interests me why some one wants a particular machine especially
<> since you do not seem to know much about it.
<Well, I can't speak for the person you were replying to, but in my
<case I'm often interested in machines I know little to nothing about
<because I'm interested in learning about them. Although you can
<learn a lot without one, it can help if you have one to explore.

That is a good reason. The fear I have and have encountered is people
lusting for an XZ21 and when they get it find they are totally in over
their head to do programming or hardware troubleshooting often required.

The NS* was a good machine but it was S100 and beyond some general things
was not a pop in a board and play thing like PCs. I get real scared
when some one asks me if a VGA monitor works with a Altair or did it
require a XT style keyboard!

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