Can we talk about computers at least?

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Thu May 14 15:56:52 1998

I will do my best to drop by. I don't really intend to buy much, just
take a breaking from browsing _virtual_ computer museums
> Well Agreed!
> Sorry I haven't been active in the list much... between work and
>a family illness I've been _busy_! BTW: Anyone planning on attending
>the MIT Flea market this Sunday? I doubt prices are going to be
>reasonable what with that $100 PDP-11/23 last month.
>> From: Sam Ismail <>
>> Subject: Can we talk about computers at least?
>> People.
>> Could we move the discussion about the perceived woeful inadequacies
>> the current state of public education to a more appropriate forum?
>> say a usenet group? Or a new mailing list? Basically anywhere but
>> where it really does not belong?

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