Another EBay absurdity

From: John Rollins <>
Date: Fri May 15 00:20:07 1998

>> MTPRO Closer to Reality
>> Apple ][e: $80 $15-$20
Try free(like mine) to $15, although I've seen them go for $20+ even at
swap meets...

>> TRS-80 model II: $200 Don't have good guess but $200 way too high
>> TRS-80 model III: $120 $15-$25 (many made)
>> TRS-80 model IV: $120 (ditto)
Doesn't seem to matter, the people who own them know the higher prices and
want to get at LEAST that much...

>> Compaq Portable: $100 Pfeh. $15
I'd get one for <$15, but I've yet to see one that cheap. Cheapest so far
is $50.

>> TI 99/4a: $30 Ugh. Try Free-$5 (99/4a's and VIC-20's were
>> used as foot soldiers in the price war between
>> TI and Commodore in the early 80s...tons made)
Yep... I love mine, although I've had it since they were new...

>> IBM PC model 5150: $100 Please. Hundreds of thousands made. Free.
Laugh it into the ground... Free is the only price. And if that's not good
enough, I recently picked up a Compaq 386/20 with multisync VGA monitor for
free...Too bad I can't get the &^$&$(_at_$%#& 3.5" floppy to work.

>> Macintosh 128K: $200 $50-$100. Not that hard to find.
HA! Try free-$10. I think I paid too much for mine at $15. I have several
512K's and some less-than-functional 128K's I got for free.

Now to add something new to the list... What are the best/worst for RFI?
I'm into ham radio now, so that's a bit of a problem. My Zenith laptop is
horrible, and the Mac LC II isn't too bad but it's monitor(currently the
one I got with the Compaq 386) can be a bit annoying on the air. I'm going
to try my TI-99/4A soon, and I'm not sure what to expect from it. And I
never had any problem when I was using the radio near my PowerMac 6500(with
an Apple 15AV monitor), although the radio equipent moved to the other end
of the attic now...

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