North Star Horizon

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sat May 16 22:44:42 1998

<> PDP11/74,
<Did DEC ever market these, or were they (all four of them, or
<whatever) just a last ditch effort to save the PDP-11/70 line?

No, never marketed. Accoring to some they were built with existing
parts. It was not persued because it would eclipse the vax and the
11/70 design was not emi/rfi complient and would be very difficult to
make it so. At the time the 16 bit mini market was seen to be getting
smaller in favor of the 32bit superminis.

<Certainly, although the PDP-12s might be close to being kicked off the
<"very rare" list. I hesitate to add the KS-10s, as I think there are
<probably more of them hidden away (or maybe actually doing work!) than w

When you consider there were no more than a 1000 of either that's pretty
scarce if 1-2% still survive.

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