North Star Horizon [Rare systems]

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Sun May 17 01:36:02 1998

On Sat, 16 May 1998, Don Maslin wrote:

> > I'll have to finish that database. Oh yeah, just remembered the Compal-80
> > (mid 70s S-100 box, very small, I'm sure some of the old hackers like
> > Allison have heard of it though).
> Sure! COMputer Power And Light.

That's exactly right. An obscure (by today's standards for sure, but
don't know about back then...the references in the trade literature of the
era are scarce) company that made S-100 boxes in the '75-'77(?) timeframe.
The one I have is very small, measuring about 12" wide x 5" high by 18"
deep. It has a small, 4-slot backplane and a power supply, with not much
room left over internally for much else.

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