North Star Horizon [Rare systems]

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sun May 17 13:36:03 1998

That's exactly right. An obscure (by today's standards for sure, but
<don't know about back then...the references in the trade literature of th
<era are scarce) company that made S-100 boxes in the '75-'77(?) timeframe
<The one I have is very small, measuring about 12" wide x 5" high by 18"
<deep. It has a small, 4-slot backplane and a power supply, with not muc
<room left over internally for much else.

Nice boxen, then had others in the line. The small 4-5slot was used for
the POLY-88 a real small s100 system. I wouldn't mind finding a 4-5 slot
box as I could put a fully complete system in that (z80, 64kram, FDC,
4port serial).

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