Clock speed of the 4004?

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon May 18 05:50:21 1998

<So Intel's web site labels it as 108Khz, just as the 8008. See, the 800
<(from what I gather) was really a modified (although greatly modified) 40
<designed to accept data/characters, not numerical data.

That's like saying a Lotus Elan is a Model A with a smoother ride and

First the 8008 clock is 500khz for the slow 20us part the faster 12.5us
part was 800khz. Source is my 25 year old copy of the 8008 8 bit parallel
central procrossor unit users manual and my hand written notes from then.
I also have my listing and the printset for that project still.

Also if anything modified was not even a close term as the number and
organization of registers were considerably different from the 4004
though in some respects the overall organization was similar. At the
time IC designs like that were literally drawn on the wall and
photographed down to die size. It did however embody a 8bit data path
rather than 4. The bigger difference was the instruction set was larger
and more general than the 4004. The 4004 could process characters, it
was awkard due to the narrow data path and limited instruction set.

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