TI 4060 ram

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_at_infinet.com>
Date: Mon May 18 13:16:38 1998

I bought a box of random boards at the Dayton Hamfest this past weekend, and
it in were some memory cards with socketed 22-pin DIP RAMs. I am unfamiliar
with the part number - TMS4060. It's obviously a Texas Intruments part,
but they don't keep obsolete parts listed on their web page. I have some older
data books, but apparently not old enough.

Does anyone know anything about a TMS4060 RAM? Is it static or dynamic? I
grabbed the boards hoping that these chips were pin-compatible with the
old 2102L or RCA1822 or MOS 6550 256x4 SRAMs.


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