Kaypro 2 Boot Disks, library format

From: Nate Lawson <NLawson_at_Scient.com>
Date: Mon May 18 18:31:01 1998

I recently obtained a Kaypro 2 from my great aunt, but it doesn't have
any floppies for booting.
It's also missing the cable to connect the keyboard to the main unit.

1. Can I just use a straight-through RJ11, 4 conductor wire for the
keyboard? It looks like this is
the case. (Same cable used for phones).

2. Does anyone have the images for the boot disk(s) or know where to
get them? I can rawrite them
to a SSDD disk once I have them.

3. A lot of the information on the OAK CP/M archive is in a .lbr or
.tzt format. Is there an application for
DOS or Unix to read these, and where would it be found?

Thanks for any help. I plan to use the Kaypro as a terminal via the
VT100 emulator. I'm reasonably
familiar (albeit, quite rusty) with CP/M.

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