TI 4060 ram

From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Mon May 18 20:23:24 1998

<> Does anyone know anything about a TMS4060 RAM? Is it static or
<dynamic? I
<>From the TI 'Memory and Microprocessors Databook' 1976 :
<TMS4060 4096 bit Dynamic Random Access Memory.
<It's 4096 * 1bit, DRAM, either 300ns (plain), 250ns (-1) or 200ns (-2)
<That part sounds familiar, either TI or MOSTEK was the second source?
<Wasn't it the DRAM used on the infamous MITS 4KB DRAM S-100 memory card?
<The one that never worked because they used a one-shot for the RAS-CAS
<timing. That was one collector item that should be put in a landfill.
< Jack peacock

It was used on the MITs 88-4mcd and S4k rams alone with I2107 or upd411.
The part didn't need ras/, cas/ as it was not muxed address. Your
confusing it with the 16pin muxed parts used in the TRS80.

Need some 4060s?

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