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From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Mon May 18 21:56:35 1998

At 06:24 AM 5/15/98 PDT, you wrote:
>Uh-huh. It's time to move out of my apartment. Is the HP 3000 any
>good (in terms of how interesting it is)?

Is it any good? Wash your mouth out with soap! It is the best
minicomputer out there on the market, now or ever before. Don't let all
these east coast dec-heads fill your mind with nonsense... HP's will be
out there chugging along happily, long after the last DEC is dead and
buried. 8^)

Lessee... Some links for the HP3000... <> is where I'd
go for shareware. <> makes the best editor out
there. <> -- Alfredo Rego used to have a Series 1 up
and running. I'm sure there are more... Frank, you listening?

uh-oh, better go hide behind a pile of GRiD's... 8^)

P.S., my first computer (well, not *mine* exactly) was a PDP-11/70 running
RSTS/E (iirc). Damn fine machine, too.

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