Computers aren't mainstream yet

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Mon May 18 23:02:15 1998

Uncle Roger wrote:
> I went to the big (650 booths) antique show at the Cow Palace this weekend
> and saw exactly zero (0) computers. (Other than laptops and such in use by
> dealers.) Dunno how long it will be, though, before they start to show up.
> Did overhear one dealer tell another "ebay is great -- you can go on there
> and sell stuff for *way* more than it's worth." 8^)

Sounds about par.

> P.S., Did manage to find 6 or 7 Donald Ducks that Rachel didn't have, and
> got me a couple of Land Rovers too.

I don't know from Donald Ducks, but how many Land Rovers can one man
keep in tune (and tires), let alone drive?
Ward Griffiths
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