3.5" Drive for Apple ???

From: Doug Spence <ds_spenc_at_alcor.concordia.ca>
Date: Tue May 19 12:42:36 1998

On Thu, 14 May 1998, SUPRDAVE wrote:

> i have an aftermarket 800k mac drive that either has motor
> eject and it also has a pushbutton eject also.

I just checked a couple of days ago, and yes indeedy the drive in question
does have BOTH eject mechanisms.

Which brings me to the reason I don't play with the Mac enough to know
this: the mouse port is dead. The mouse pointer will move horizontally,
but not vertically.

At least, I _think_ it's the port and not the mouse. I don't have any
mouse-aware software for my //c, but reading PDL(0) and PDL(1) got
reactions at appropriate times. So I know that the mouse's innards are
working. I'm just not sure I'd be looking at the correct pins.

My Mac 512K has these yellow melted-looking packs soldered to the
motherboard inside each port. I think they're labeled "FILTER" or
something? I was wondering if these things are there to protect the
machine's electronics, and if it was one of these things that blew.

Are they just miniature fuses? And if so, can I just bypass the one at
the appropriate pin to get my Mac working again?

I'm just guessing.

Doug Spence
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