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From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Tue May 19 21:09:21 1998

Kip Crosby wrote:
> At 17:24 5/19/98 -0400, Allison wrote:
> >....I think winders didn't run on
> >the 80186(8) used in one of the tandys and a few oddballs. mostly because
> >the 186 has some on board peripherals (DMA and interrupts) that were not
> >PCclone compatable.
> On the contrary: There was a special version of Windows for the Tandy 2000
> (80186) and Bill Gates referred to it as "the first computer built
> specifically to run Windows."

Yep. He was talking out his ass. Windows for the Tandy 2000 never
worked, though a product was delivered (by the "vendor") and
discontinued by the retailer before it finished ruining their
reputation. (They managed that on their own several years later
due to buying into the IBM Compatible concept). The Tandy execs were
_really_ stupid for a while. Don't ask me about "Ovation" -- the
classicest vaporware that ever existed.
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