Questions, questions

From: George Currie <>
Date: Wed May 20 15:54:22 1998

A few questions:

Recently acquired a Heathkit computer. Looks to be a pc compatable (din
keyboard plug, 1/2 height 5 /14, etc). Plate on back says model U 148. Any

This is not quite a classic, but almost there. I have a few Mac Portables (the
original model 5120). Inside one was a add-on card in the ROM slot (not the
RAM expansion). The card has two roms on it labeled: Esprit Rom 1.087"
dated 7/14/89. The card itself says Esprit Rom. Anyone know what this could
be. The Mac doesn't seem to behave any differently with or without the card.

Also, I have another portable that has no identification silkscreened on to the
bottom where it would normally be. Could this be some type of prototype,
since it looks like it never did have anything printed there (i.e. no one removed

Totally off-topic. I also just got a Code-A-Phone 700 from Western Electric.
It's an old answering machine that uses some sort of funky reel to reel to store
messages. I think it was only meant to be used at CO's as it says "not for
resale" on the bottom. The power connector is a weird three prong male
connector with two cylindrical prongs and one flat prong (the opposite of todays
common connector). This unit is from the 70's. Again, any clues? Or any
pointers to where (other lists, web sites, books) I might look.

And finally, anyone know of a good way to remove the dark brown adhesive left
on my the metallic inventory tags used by some companies? I've try rubbing
alcohol, wd40, and goo gone. I'm afraid to try anything too strong as it might
hurt the case.

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