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Date: Thu May 21 03:01:20 1998

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>Desie Hay wrote:
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>> >Desie Hay wrote:
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>> >> I dont think anybody ported unix to the Lisa...well it wasnt a
>> >> thing....
>> >> im not sure on this but if someone knows for sure ill like to hear
>> them
>> >>
>> >> check out my Lisa web page......
>> >
>> >Well, there was a Lisa running Unix at OCC '84 (the last) in Anaheim.
>> >At least one. At the Apple booth. Since I'd been playing with Xenix
>> >(at the Radio Shack Computer Center where I did tech support) for well
>> >over a year by then, I was actually not too impressed -- it was far
>> >from ready for prime time. But it was definitely Unix. It just wasn't
>> >commercial. Especially since Tandy Xenix systems cost a fraction and
>> >actually had support (around Los Angeles, that was mostly me -- with
>> >some good documentation and a good line to Fort Worth).
>> yes ive seen pictures of Garry Kildor with a Lisa at his side...
>> They had a version under development but i almost sure they never
>> it.....
>Gary Kildall did CP/M, he may have had some relationship with CP/M 68K
>for Apple platforms (I don't think so, though he did have some input
>into the port to the TRS-80 Model 16), but I seriously doubt that he
>had anything to to do with Lisa Unix or the later A/UX for the "real"
>Macintoshes. Gary Kildall was _not_ a Unix type, and I can't think of a
>way to misspell any name of a Unix god "Garry Kildor".
>Ward Griffiths
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yes well, I can't spell, and I think that Garry Kildor could have been the
bill gates of today if he had played his cards right
remember IBM went to him first before they went to Microsoft for a OS for
their 'then' new PC.....
he turned them down............. If had CP/M on the IBM PC he would have
been able to do the same thing as what Billy Gates
did resell it to other companies............

oh well its funney how things turn out.........
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