Zenith 248's

From: Russ/Alice Blakeman <rhblake_at_bbtel.com>
Date: Fri May 22 08:20:28 1998

Hotze wrote:

> Hi. Are these the 286's that Zenith sold by the mass-quadrillions to the US
> Gov't??? If so, they're pretty cool, when you get down to it. CPU's on a
> backplane, they had a 386 upgrade, and even a 486 one, but the 386's didn't
> sell, 486's were only prototypes, from what I can tell.
> By pressing CRL+INS you could get into this WAY COOL Apple II like ROM
> test program.

Actaully it's CTL-ALT-INS and that brings up the MFM-200 "Monitor" program,
which is essentially the CMOS setup and utilities. The ones you have are loaded
with memory since they have RAM addon cards but the base memory is only 512k and
is soldered to the processor card.

> Pleanty of RAM, etc. Trust me, I know. Every single day of
> the week, I USE ONE OF THESE in math class. Cool retro use, don't you
> agree??? It runs WP 5.1, they weren't equipped with Windows, but MS-DOS 5.0
> (at least that's what I see, might have been 3.3), and some came with this
> cool monitor that had a Amber/Green/Normal switch, but only worked well in
> mono, not CGA mode.

The Zenith 3 way monitors are only good in amber/green for text. Windows
probably wasn't installed since either no one knew how to get Win 3.x to work in
CGA mode or just because it's a Mac-like (old Mac) black and white "two color"
mode. I just picked up one of the ones I originally sold on a trade-in for a 486
last night, still kicking. It has a Seagate ST-251-1 42mb HDD with MS-DOS 6.22,
Windows 3.11 in Hercules mode, mouse, printer, etc. It was used in a business
but they wanted to use a Win95 program so the 486 was the next logical step and
still save $$$.

Too bad they're so heavy to ship or I'd offer it for sale here.

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